Friday, July 8, 2011

Joys of being young

I really do enjoy being the youngest of all my friends. I've always kept that honor close to heart, never really knew why I never fit in with the "let's get f@%$ed up" crowd. Mind you I can hold my own. But also being the youngest of my friends helps me be more outgoing like I have something to prove. I do enjoy that. I don't mean my friends are way older than me but my closest friend, he's more like my brother is 4 years older than me. That is sort of a gap, with the risk of making him feel old (which I consistantly do for fun) he graduated high school before I was a freshman. I don't know why I find that funny to think about but when iam with him we are like 5 year olds lost at birth, its sad we even have our own language. at the risk of rambling on  I ask what is better to be the youngest in a group of older friends or in a group your same age?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rebirth on a Plane

So I sit here on my flight back to Los Angeles typing this blog on the notepad of a gifted iPhone with what feels Luke a new lease on life itself. Maybe it's the caffeine o my Starbucks frappuccino or maybe it's the large dunken donuts coffee with a shot of espresso. It could even be the events of the weekend. First of I should explain why I am on the plane probably. Well my great grandma died in late December, so six month later the family decided that we should have the memorial in June because we were having It in her birthplace of Mt Carmel, IL. Now if you know me you would know I am a total city boy. Mt Carmel is a town o 8000, of which it seemed like I was related to 500. This being that the town was only 50 people when my grandma was growing up. The view from my super 8 hotel window was all cornfields which I have never seen before. The great part was I got to see cousins haven't seen in 10 years and we seemed to pick up right we left off. Just now we Re all older and have more inside jokes. The funeral made me realize how much I have grown into my own world during the service I cried realizing how much Missed her and never really dealt with her passing. I will never forget the homemade lemon meringue pies for my birthday and my quilt she made me is one of my prized possessions. Also I noticed with all the stuff going on I really blocked everythingng out so I need to be getting back to my roots. I have been out of touch with my past leaving everything about it behind. Which is both good and bad. Good because I have matured from that wide eyed boy fresh in la la land that was there to be a rock star to the opportunistic veteran. I have turned my every night partying for networking and a graveyard shift, and I have been coaching a high school swim team for 3 years now with last year being a head coach. Now I know I still have to grow up more, as I still play beer pong and own a slip and slide (which i broke my nose on) and 3 personal water guns. Bad because I am becoming to la: a little self centered with an ego that grows every minute. I really need to start harnessing that for good.
anyways now for a quick recap of the time lost in what I think may bs a year since I wrote last. I got out of a bad roommate situation, into a very awkward one, started working at a place that underpaid me but made a movie a month so I now have 5 new credits on imdb, lived in the same room as my best friend for about 3, was In A relationship for 6 months, 3 of which were long distance, grew a beard, moved into a house, shaved beard, had a 3 hour break up over skype, started a new job. I think that catches us up. I m pretty sure I got more but they are starting to serve drinks on the plane and you know I got to get me some Dr pepper so be well all and always stay thinking.

PS this post is dedicated to my late great grandma whose last words pretty much summed up her life "I won" and she did. I Love you so much and thank you for always having love for us all. The last half is dedicated to my friend Kelli soon-not-to-be Dunaway thank you tor the motivation to write again it's always good to know o am not just writing for my self.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super edition

So unless you live under a rock you know that the Giants won the Super Bowl. The only reason I am a little bummed is that I wanted to bet on the Giants. Oh well I am making money in other ways, I started working as a lifegaurd. Overall the weekend was good I had a super bowl pre-party to which 50 people showed up. Then on Sunday we had some more people over, and by far the best game I have seen. Our new friend Champ is a New Yorker who is normally silent, was the most entertaining. Thats all that I am going to say about that. American Gladiators is in its semi final rounds. If you haven't realized I like to write this while I watch the show, Alright I have to go I got 13 hours of class from tuesday till thursday. That doesn't sound like fun at all, but it will be.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

They're trying to make me go to rehab....

Actually not but one of my roommate is trying to make me watch Celebrity rehab and I still won't watch. I don't know to me its just not right I mean these are celebrities that have a problem. Some have a problem because of the stress of fame, yes there is a stress to fame because people follow you around all the time. So here is a good idea lets follow them recovering from these habits with more cameras. Fan-freaking-tastic. Dr. Drew is a very smart man and very knowledgeable but he is a star more than a doctor to me. Oh well, its only a show. Lost is back on, yet another show that all my friends are into. I think I would watch it but I have 2 problems, 1. I don't have any clue what has happened since... well I never watched the show, and I don't know of anyone that would loan me any of the seasons, 2. I can't afford to get tied into a show.

Ok so I just came back from watching cheap seats and Conan. But I have horrible news my roommate just gave me Lost season one on dvd to watch. There goes my life. . Man I suck at not getting sucked into T.V. shows. But I have to say I still disagree with celebrity rehab. Well its late and my seven day streak as well as my streak of weekend classes has ended thus freeing me from the bowels of Video Symphony. I have to say though I learned so much that I feel a whole lot more confident in my skills as an editor. Another cool thing about class was that my teacher also is the pitcher for our softball team and me being the catcher we do talk alot.

Hard Drives softball

Here is the link for the softball team I play on. Feel free to check it out and come to our games.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just like the mvp of the superbowl....

I am going to disneyland. I won 2 free tickets in a raffle that was at the mall. Thats all I really have to say on that subject. Yet again I am watching American Gladiators. This show is freaking amazing, I think I have a crush on Venom and Crush. They are twice my size though so that would a little strange. I don't think I could ever be with a girl that could rip me in half. So I did make this a blog about my adventures and lately I have failed in having those anymore mainly because of the raining and cold, so that means I stay inside. The most exciting part of my day is Bubble Bobble. Justin and I have dedicated our lives to finishing the first twenty levels without dying. You may think that seems like a boring life but everyone that makes fun of plays it and never stops. So there. Alright as you can probally see I am really trying to string this thing out, so I am going to go peace out all.